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5 October 2015 § 2 Comments

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If you follow me over on instagram,
you will have seen bits and pieces from our recent weekend away
to my grandparents’ idyllic home.
We all love visiting them, and now that the boys are a little older
they have a lot more freedom to play in the fields and woods.
But this weekend was all about the bows that they made with great-grandpa.
From his birthday book, W got the idea to make a bow for target shooting.
With Grandpa’s experience as an archer
they were able to make working long bows.
It was the thrill of the weekend!
(picture heavy post coming up, if you want to just see the knitting info click here)

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earned through scouts by walking 50 miles

earned through scouts by walking 50 miles

We spent hours outdoors, despite the first truly cold weekend:
tromping around in the woods,
spotting deer and turkeys,
looking for animal tracks,
picking, and trying to identify, heirloom apples.
And, as always, we were all sad to go home.

magnolia cardigan | respite magnolia cardigan | respitemagnolia cardigan | respite morning walk | respitemorning walk | respite
With the cold weather,
I was able to wear my new magnolia cardigan for the first time.
And really, I didn’t take it off the whole weekend.
Toasty, soft, and in love with the color.

For the knitters out there, here are the specs:
Magnolia Cardigan by Joji 
3 skeins Madeleine Tosh Merino Light in the color dirty panther
and a shout out to Jimmy Beans Wool who went above and beyond
to help me find the exact shade of variegated charcoal black that I wanted,
based off a photo on pinterest!
4mm needles for the body, 3mm for the buttonband (still need to find buttons!)

Modifications ::

~changed garter stitch to stocking stitch
~provisionally cast on both back and fronts, knit to underarms, then did a 3 needle bind off on the inside for more stability in the shoulders.
~used my favorite Carol Sunday’s Short Rows technique for short row shaping rather than the usual w&t
~knit the upper body to the size M length. Picked up the Medium sleeve stitch count as well.
~knit body to 16” then did 1×1 ribbing for 2 inches, with Jenny’s Surprisingly Stretchy bind off
~alternated skeins to avoid pooling
~buttonband is approx 9 rows (double the pattern) with 6 buttonholes
~love the yarn color, I am curious how the yarn will hold up re: pilling because it is so soft and is not a blend. i will update after a few months wear.

All in all, both a weekend and a sweater to love!



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Oh, how belatedly I am writing this post.
So many intentions to write,share,
and remember
but time just slips away.

W’s 8th birthday was a month ago.
And birthdays are a special thing around here.
The one day that is all about you.
Your likes, dislikes, and wishes catered to.

Extended family celebrations surrounded his day,
an ice cream party at the park.
His actual birthday included a dinner of bangers and mash,
a raspberry sponge cake with whipped cream,
and gifts selected with his funny and diverse interests in mind.

A jellycat kitty he named Victoria
This fun book full of activities and lessons geared towards boys, but would be great for girls as well
A tee with a contrast pocket
A solar system puzzle with wall poster
A feather headdress made from feathers found on our walks
(sanitized in a combo of hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol)
and a polar bear  for his cake

It is hard to believe that he is 8 and in second grade,
but what a wonderful day he had.

*the amazon links are affiliate ones, and if you purchase directly from the link I make a small percentage off the sale.*

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