beauty meets utility

23 February 2015 § 1 Comment

broom + bags #beautymeetsutility

Not long after the new year,
Kyrie of The Little Snail and I were chatting
about how worn out our household essentials were
becoming after a decade or so of marriage.
And how, when you are young and setting up house
you don’t think of the longevity of the basics,
but after using the ugliest plastic things for a long time
you realize that William Morris was right,
that you should

“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful,
or believe to be beautiful.”

We decided that a goal for 2015 would be to
replace our worn out items, or those we no longer use,
with things we find to be more beautiful.
As we bring lovelier goods into our home,
those old things had to be removed.
Not an exercise in mindless buying,
a mindful exercise to decide what we want in our homes long term.

This weekend I picked up an Italian wooden broom at TJMaxx,
to replace the old nasty plastic one that I never liked.
Also, thanks to the generosity of a perfect stranger,
I have two new canvas bags for groceries,
replacing those strange but ubiquitous polypropelene ones.

Won’t you join Kyrie and I in this little endeavor?
We’ll be using #beautymeetsutility to chronicle our journey.


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  • Ruth Goff says:

    Martha Kate. I agree with the concept and on the whole I have tried to do this for many years although I must admit that the yellow handled plastic broom I have at the back door does the best job of clearing away debris and its bristles seem to endure rough treatment better than other brooms I have. Back in the “old days” when the Fuller Brush man made regular rounds I would buy brooms and dust mops from him and I believe their broom bristles were a natural material and lasted forever. I still have 2 or 3 dust mops which I use regularly. Grandma G.

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