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hutch decorated for Christmas (c)2015

unrelated photo of a few Christmas decorations


It’s been a long while since I have posted here.
So much has happened for our little family,
nothing we had imagined 2014 would be.
The last five days I have been dealing with illness
and recovery,
thinking about the year to come –
ways to make this year far better than the last.

We made a list last night at dinner –

Our Hopes and Goals for 2015 ::
~ Respect and good behavior at home and at the grandparents (the boys came up with this on their own!)
~ Whistle train Millie, and train to retrieve (family goal)
~ Do more birding and surpass our record bird count (family)
~ Go on more hikes (family)
~ Camp (family)
~ Create food and flower gardens (mama)
~ And tend to them properly (mama again, I am not a great gardener and want to change this!)
~ Backpacking trip (papa and A – both a cub scout requirement and fun for them)
~ More spiritual study at home (family, but W especially requested it – in 7 year old terms. ha!)
~ Record our activities and memories in a tangible way (mama. Not sure whether that means more presence here and printing more photos, or just more print. Though I do hope to write here more often. It really is a nice record to have.)
~ Merge beauty and utility in our house more. Clearing out the things we do not use, and replacing the solely utilitarian items with ones we like to look at. (This is a goal with a friend!)
~ Travel, both our large trips planned and unplanned weekend getaways. 

Do you have any goals for 2015?



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  • Kyrie says:

    Camping is on our list for this year too! Though it will probably mean reserving a yurt or cabin…otherwise it’s investing in tents and accoutrements.

    • martha says:

      We found our tent secondhand a few years ago, and have thrifted a lot of our other bits. But I have always been interested in trying yurt camping, it seems cozier than all the nylon trappings.

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