the school year quilt

16 June 2014 § 2 Comments

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It’s been a long while
since I said hello here,
almost a whole school year in fact.

When the boys went off to school in September,
a project was needed to keep my mind off the silence in the house.
Cutting squares of fabrics in my stash,
using up the bits of leftover fabric from earlier projects,
from clothes the boys and I wore,
finding fabrics of my grandmother’s –
remnants of her house dresses and quilts –
using only what I had on hand.
Hand quilting each of the 238 squares
in a circular frame that held a baby quilt thirty years ago .
Each stitch reminding me of the threads that bind
the past and present together,
infusing this quilt with a  love that we’ll remember
every time it is pulled onto our laps.


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