painting (and concussion recovery)

24 September 2013 Comments Off on painting (and concussion recovery)

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Last week the eldest got a rather bad bump to the head,
which resulted in a mild concussion.
After some discussion and appointments with doctors and school
he’s staying at home while his head heals.

Finding slow-paced activities that entertain
an active and intelligent 8 year old
who is used to movement and mental stimulation
is a rather tricky business, so I thought I may chronicle them here.

Because he is able to walk without any issues
(no dizziness, nausea, etc)
we chose to do our annual apple picking
but kept the outing leisurely.
Making applesauce the next day –
the chopping and ladling perfect activities for not-too-much thinking,
and a cake made the day after that.
Again keeping busy, but little concentration.

Today he and I took Millie on a shortened distance, with more dawdling, walk –
gathering leaves, black walnuts, grasses, flowers, and seeds along the way.
Hours later we opened the new paintbox (surprisingly nice for the price!)
and painted “nature symphonies.”
Setting it aside when it was time to fetch the youngest up from school,
they both turned to it again,
after gobbling slices of cake and tea,
truly enjoying their careful, soothing, quiet work.


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