on vacation…part two

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camp two (c)2013camp breakfast (c) 2013mackinaw bridge (c) 2013 whitefish point shipwreck museum (c)2013lake superior (c)2013lake superior (c) 2013lake superior (c) 2013lake superior (c) 2013michilimackinac (c)2013michilimackinac

On Wednesday we drove along the lakeshore to Mackinaw,
stopping along the way at a roadside stand for some local fruit and veg,
Petoskey for some quick beach play,
and stumbling on a polo match that our little horse lover couldn’t get enough of,
finally setting up camp at Wilderness State Park.
The campground is such a lovely one –
There are sites practically on the beach,
and sites that are slightly wooded with the beach about 100 feet away.
Falling asleep to the sound of waves is wonderful.

On Thursday we crossed the bridge,
and drove up to Whitefish Point to see the shipwreck museum.
The boys were a little young for the museum,
but we still had a lovely time walking along Lake Superior –
spotting the endangered piping plover,
two resting caspian terns,
as well as a bald eagle soaring overhead.

For our last day we went to Michilimackinac,
which our colonial America enthusiast patiently waited for all week.
Exploring the recreated homes and seeing a cannon fire
were definitely the highlights of his week.

I had forgotten how much we love camping,
and that week of sleeping outdoors, exploring,
and dipping in three of the five great lakes,
certainly won’t be our last.


on vacation

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lake leelenau (c) 2013 camp chili (c) 2013northport (c) 2013 northport (c) 2013 lake michigan (c) 2013 lighthouse at northport (c) 2013 leelenau (c) 2013

After the lovely visit with my sisters, cousins, and many other extended family,
E had vacation for ten days.
During those ten days we celebrated the fourth with some little firecrackers,
camped for almost a week,
and celebrated our eleventh wedding anniversary.
It was really wonderful having him around, and we had such a great time on vacation.

We camped in two different places,
one on the Leelenau pennisula,
and also at Wilderness state park near Mackinac.

It was W’s first time camping “for real”
and A’s first in a long time,
and they both loved it –
sleeping in the tent,
cooking our meals over the fire*,
playing outdoors all day long.

We ventured to Northport one day to see the lighthouse there,
as well as the rocky quiet beach.
There’s a 200 year old cedar tree that the boys were desperate to climb,
its long limbs curving down temptingly.
The weather was its usual lovely up-north self,
much cooler than the weather we left behind.
Everything, just lovely.


*some we precooked and froze, reheating in the cast pan, which was great for easy prep!

geranium dress times two

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geranium dress DSC_0907 DSC_0913 DSC_0974 DSC_0989 DSC_0996 DSC_0997

The sewing for girls continues.

I have been eyeing the sweet geranium dress for awhile,
wondering if an opportunity for it would arise.
When my sisters decided to have a combined party
for their youngest daughters it seemed the perfect time.
A baptism dress and a first birthday
celebrated at a garden party in white dresses –
almost too much cuteness to handle.

I stumbled on a gorgeous Robert Kaufman lace and voile cotton
at the local fabric store and knew it was exactly what was needed.
Lining the bodice with a white quilting cotton detailed with a delicate white print,
and the skirt with some white voile I’d had for ages,
the dresses were light and airy.
Of course diaper covers were needed, so I used this tutorial and pattern,
again lining the main fabric with a more opaque cotton.

The pattern is such a simple one that it was a pleasure to sew;
it would be the great as a first clothing pattern for beginners.
Everything is clearly spelled out in the instructions,
so there is little area for mistakes.
Honestly I’m thrilled with the end result, and I think my sisters liked them too!

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