the whooping crane {!!!}

10 May 2013 Comments Off on the whooping crane {!!!}

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This has been a good week for spotting birds we didn’t expect to find.
First the sora and virginia rail, and last night the whooping crane!
The whooping crane is especially exciting as they aren’t supposed to migrate through Michigan,
however, it seems as though this one has mixed itself into a
group of sandhill cranes.

Because they are so rare,
less than 600 birds total
and only 109 in the Eastern states,
we wanted to make sure someone knew this bird was seen.
I found the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership online
and we were able to see where the few cranes have been recently.
Each bird is marked with a series of colored bands on its legs,
one to three bands in four different colors
to help determine which bird is which,
along with those and a transmitter,
each bird is tracked and mapped.
From what we could tell the bird we saw
is a first year migrator that mixed with the sandhill cranes
to teach it where to go.

I don’t know if we’ll see it again, but we’re so glad that our whole family
was able to see such a threatened species in the wild.

Some more info on the conservation efforts ::



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