a little spring birding

7 May 2013 Comments Off on a little spring birding

brown thrasher (c) 2013towhee (c) 2013yellow warbler (c) 2013solitary sandpiper (c)2013virginia rail (c) 2013 sora (c) 2013

On Sunday we walked into a meadow,
stood still and reveled in the variety of spring songs
surrounding us.
The brown thrasher – its long mimicry cascading loudly,
proclaiming its territory against the robin and her cousin thrush
their own songs a delight to hear.
A little yellow warbler, whose voice outshone its tiny size.
Around the bend and down a little hill
where the path was covered by water
we spotted a solitary sandpiper – carefully walking,
on stilt-like legs and long bill reaching into the thick mud.
A sparrow doing its own dance nearby.
Farther into the marsh,
we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the elusive
sora and virginia rail.
And today, after an hour of patient waiting,
we captured the two on film,
in all their quiet glory



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