27 June 2011 Comments Off on monday

It rained this morning.
That quick downpour
refreshing the air,
the ground, the sky.
My favorite sort of rain,
washing the heat and humidity away,
leaving the day refreshed.
By mid afternoon the sun was shining
and a light breeze blowing,
breathing energy into us all.
All I could think was –



21 June 2011 Comments Off on green

there all the same

16 June 2011 Comments Off on there all the same

Today it was those little things.
The ones that,
if they happened singly,
you can laugh them off —
and I had to
for the things of beauty
instead of just seeing them everywhere.
But they were there all the same,
the laughter and music behind the
Boys playing cheerfully and telling me
their own little glimpses of life,
while “painting” with leaves and water.
And the way the light
glances off the sycamore
dimpling in the evening.
The wren singing fully,
competing against the sparrow.
And now, quietly
drinking my cup of tea and
relaxing as I knit
small socks for boys
to wear in the fall.


13 June 2011 Comments Off on lilacs

I had tried to write some words
expressing the beauty of lilacs
and then I realized, that
the lilacs don’t need my help,
their fleeting beauty is enough
on its own.

This particular bunch of loveliness
is from a few weeks ago.


12 June 2011 Comments Off on sunday


7 June 2011 Comments Off on ***

Summer came today,
its heat heady
as an old-fashioned rose.
Our dinner is waiting,
cooling in the fridge, basil
mingling its sweet anise flavor
into the tomatoes and peppers,
to pop pleasantly on tongue and teeth.
The yearly sparrow
arrived yesterday,
come back to claim his place,
proclaiming from the front step
his voice trilling loudly over
any other bird song,
“here I am.”


5 June 2011 Comments Off on sunday

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