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copyright 2011

copyright 2011

copyright 2011

back to the coldness of winter
after a brief respite.
snow thaw and ground green,
the creek flowed with speed,
as always reminding me of laura
on the banks of plum creek, and falling
trapped in the water, rushing around her.
but here i am, watching everything
freeze around me and having the coldest
birthday in recent memory.
the only sun today is coming out a jar,
spread on my toast.


saturday morning

19 February 2011 Comments Off on saturday morning

copyright 2011

I love the quiet
of weekend mornings,
the sleepiness
of not rushing,
to get out the door.
The boys engrossed and
imaginations blooming from
hours of uninterrupted play.
My husband catches up
on his sleep,
while my laziness extends
to drinking cups of cafe au lait
and rereading favorites.
The sunshine peeks through
after days
of endless clouds.

knitting and tea

2 February 2011 Comments Off on knitting and tea


the plow has forgotten our road,
snow so deep the littlest one can’t walk,
or even wade through,
and so we are inside,
staying cosy on this winter’s day.

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