30 January 2011 Comments Off on

I woke up today with the snow sparkling
under a blue sky.  The sun
reflecting off ice prisms.
After days and days
of dark, dank skies the brightness is
a welcome change.
My house smells like the sunshine
of ripe lemons, and I’m tempted
to open a window,
even though I know
it is much too soon.


21 January 2011 Comments Off on

This is what I see
when I think of winter.

another snow day

15 January 2011 Comments Off on another snow day

Every noise is muffled
and subdued.  And just as I
marveled at the amount of light and
brightness this fall,
now I cannot get
over the snow –
covering everything with its
silencing white.  We’re trying to take advantage
of the beauty while it lasts,
walking and sledding,
teaching the oldest to ski.

Today has started out blustery and cold,
the luster of sun on snow absent, while
low hanging clouds loom over with the
promise of more on the way.
There is knitting to be finished,
a birthday gift to be wrapped up,
and yet I keep slowing,
watching the snow swirling
in endless fascination.

the new year begins

3 January 2011 Comments Off on the new year begins

The new year begins
with us starting afresh,
changes opening before us and life
looking a little different than it did,
just a week ago.
Outside it is cold, the snow from weeks past gone
in a single warm rain new year’s day.
The sparrows and downy woodpecker are
active in the willow, despite the frigid wind,
hopping from branch to branch, taking advantage
of the easy-to-grasp bark, and uncovered grass.
I sit, looking out the sliding glass door,
thinking about what our life might look like
in six months. Right now,
the possibilities seem endless.

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