24 November 2010 Comments Off on thankful

As the holiday approaches,
we remember all that we are thankful for
A day to think about the
and the small,
to celebrate the simpleness of life
with good food and family.
I wish you a lovely holiday,
and shall see you next week.



19 November 2010 Comments Off on repose

Right now,
the boys are sleepy in their beds
and I have a cup of tea
steaming next to me.
Listening to the quiet,
restoring order to my mind.
Letting the calm unfurl
like tendrils
in the sunshine of silence.


17 November 2010 Comments Off on guest

My post today is over on are so happy.



12 November 2010 Comments Off on sunlight

We’re still noticing the light
at every turn.
on the way to school
A said, “look how beautiful those trees are.”
And it was
the sunrise
shining off the leaves.
I love how even
the little ones notice.


8 November 2010 Comments Off on threads

Sometimes you pick up an object, and
there in your hand you feel its history.
You can see your grandmother’s hands –
with deeply ingrained wrinkles, yet somehow
smooth and soft –
holding that spool of thread.  Choosing the color that
perfectly matched that one certain shade of fabric.
And those spools hold threads not just of cotton,
but the threads of generations that run
between us.
Just as you hold
that vintage camera whose shutter has
clicked hundreds of times.  Capturing
scenes of our lives – not a perfect image,
but with that slight flaw –
the way life truly is.  And to hold onto that thought,
that imperfect shot, is to connect with
everyone, everything that has
come before us.

frosty morning

7 November 2010 Comments Off on frosty morning

I’m still in awe over the change of seasons,
walking outside in the morning and seeing my breath.
Hearing the crunch of leaves underfoot,
made stronger by the hard frost appearing.
Pulling on coats and adding layer upon layer of clothing, and
seeing the first snowflakes appear.
The colors of the leaves against the blue sky shifting to
starkness of bare branches and overcast.
The other day I saw the bright white of seagulls
next to a cloud almost black with moisture –
And I knew winter is now slowly approaching.

not quite the sea

1 November 2010 Comments Off on not quite the sea

Standing at the edge of the water,
our eyes searching the horizon –
the water flows forever.
Tormented and strong when grey,
waves thundering upon the shore
smoothing sand into a flattened surface
solid like a stone.  Smashing and polishing
rock into small coins, velvety to touch.
Even in the calmest weather
the water is not still
yet it pacifies, that
rhythmic movement of wave over wave
in our not-quite-
the-sea sea.


more lake photos here

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