autumn is upon us

29 October 2010 Comments Off on autumn is upon us

The hats are out and put on,
The warmth of summer’s air is gone.
Days of bluster, cool and chill,
Soups and stews our stomachs fill.
Each day cooler than the last,
Evenings longer, days go fast.
For Autumn is upon us.


the poetry of letter writing

25 October 2010 Comments Off on the poetry of letter writing

There is a moment before I write
in which I gather
not just the pen, paper,
but my thoughts too.
When I reflect upon the days
before and now, this instant.
I place the nib against
the smooth cream colored page and
take that moment to shift,
shift into the poetry of letter writing.

in the poetry section

20 October 2010 Comments Off on in the poetry section

Tucked in a corner
of the library, there is a place
where few venture
and the books
have that decidedly musty smell;
where it is reminiscent of libraries
of the past –
when all the books were
rebound to be the same and
pervaded the air.
This is where I like to linger,
to peruse the words of
great authors,
reading their lines,
their verses.
And hope, someday,
my children will
appreciate all this too.

18 October 2010 Comments Off on

cup of tea at hand

15 October 2010 Comments Off on cup of tea at hand

In the morning I sit, cup of tea at hand,
and listen to the chattering of voices like
little birds in summer swell.
Watching early sunlight
criss-cross the lawn
through branches and leaves to
come in the window.
The cat’s tabby paw dabbles out,
every now and then,
to flick at the dancing shadows.
And I realize I’m content,
living this life.

a knitting pattern!

13 October 2010 Comments Off on a knitting pattern!

Inspired by the misty mornings of early Autumn and the lovely tea cosies featured in TOAST catalog I’ve knit up this cabled tea cosy.  I’ve knit it  in a beautiful donegal tweed that reminds me of Irish aran sweaters, and of craggy coasts along the ocean shore.  Mine has been in constant use since finishing it a couple weeks ago.  It keeps the tea toasty warm and gives tea time a homey feeling.

And I’m so excited to have this available for you to knit too!  The pattern is on Ravelry for purchase (there is also a link in the page sidebar). Take a peek.  I’ve also added it to my etsy shop, click here if you’re not on Ravelry.

on our way to school today

11 October 2010 Comments Off on on our way to school today

On our way to school today,
we walked through cool fogs
and breezes whispered secrets in our ears.
Our cheeks pink and rosy, the morning crispness
clearing our breath and soothing our spirits.
We cannot help but feel
uplifted by the refreshing morning air
and the promise of a lovely day to come.

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