27 September 2010 Comments Off on walking

I carried the basket filled
with all we would need –
blanket and tea, napkins
and pasties –
oh those delicious northern handpies! –
and all along the way
we stopped and noticed
the change from green to red
and orange and yellow.
The color of mushrooms
pushing through the bracken,
dry dead leaves tilted
aside to make way for the
beautiful fungi
mimicking the
oaks and maples overhead.


the apple orchard

27 September 2010 Comments Off on the apple orchard

We went
picking apples at the orchard today,
the one with the eighty year history, and
I watched the boys
in their excitement
choose the most splendid apple,
that brilliant specimen of Jonathan, Empire, Golden Delicious.
No willy-nilly picking for them.

And it was pretty much perfect
with apples filling the branches
and cider doughnuts with fresh pressed cider
to drink.

And at this moment I know
we’re doing something right.

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