birthday gifts…part two

10 July 2014 § 2 Comments

geranium dress (1) geranium dress (3)geranium dress (2)


Another fun birthday last week,
One little niece turning two,
needed a (second) geranium dress.

Deep navy blue shirting from Joann’s,
some navy piping,
vintage fabric lined the bodice  -
from the never ending grandmother’s stash -
as well as vintage heart shank buttons.

Geranium is a dress that never fails,
this one will be perfect with a couple items
she already has -
a little peter pan collar onesie 
and navy t-strap shoes,
purchased ages ago from ebay!
Or on its own as a sundress.

Classic toddler clothes at their best.

birthday gifts…part one

9 July 2014 § 2 Comments

puzzle ball (2) puzzle ball (1)puzzle ball (3) puzzle ball (4)


So many birthdays clustered in one week,
two of the sweetest girls growing older.
One of our favorite littles turned one!

A puzzle ball seemed the perfect gift
for this inquisitive girl.
I used the instructions from
Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts,
as well as this tutorial online
because, oddly enough, the book had the
entire ball sewn together into one piece -
which makes it not very puzzling.

Vintage rose fabric, and some cotton couture.

This may be one of my favorite baby gifts ever,
so simple and sweet.


29 June 2014 § Leave a comment

sunday  (5)sunday  (6) sunday  (1) sunday  (3) sunday  (4)sunday  (7) sunday  (8)sunday sunday  (10) sunday  (9)sunday  (13)

Sunday afternoons are delightfully lazy.

Today we stopped at the park for a bit of tennis
and a snacky picnic -
strawberries from yesterday’s farmers market,
little cheeses, delicious rice and multigrain crackers,
with sparkling lemonade, and some tiny jams.

A long bit of lying about on the grass.
Savoring the slightly cooler breeze
during these hot humid days.

Then home for dinner
(more veg from the market!)
and bed.

Summer Sunday at its best.

new old pillows

23 June 2014 § Leave a comment

new pillows | respitenew pillows | respite new pillows | respitenew pillows | respitenew pillows | respite
We love to have many cushions on the sofa,
(perfect for lounging)
but ours had become
flat and worn.
There’s not much to do on a rainy damp day,
so we turned the tv to Wimbledon,
I pulled out some vintage fabric
that had been squirreled away -
grey upholstery velvet and yellow floral -
and sewed a few squares.
One little boy was happy to fill them with stuffing,
then I closed them with quick blind hand stitching.

Millie, Her Royal Highness approves.

Such an easy way to change the look of things,
Now to find the perfect lamp for beside the sofa,
and keep my eyes open for the dream rug.

textured cardigan

18 June 2014 § 2 Comments

cardigan | respitecardigan | respitecardigan | respitecardigan | respite

A couple months ago we took an amazing vacation out east,
visiting the coast of Massachusetts and Portland, Maine.
Shortly before the trip I got it into my head that
the eldest must have a new cardigan.
There was sound logic behind the decision -
a boy that is always cold, a forecast of winter never ending,
and being outside for a large majority of the trip were
perfect reasons for knitting.
There may have also been some procrastination
for actual planning and packing, but all turned out well!

The main design was a collaboration between A and I.
He called it his chain maille sweater, because of the texture.
I loved the classic look and sensible practicality of matching all his clothes,
though am a bit concerned he will grow out of it by autumn.

Quince and Co’s chickadee yarn in fjord on size 6 needles.
Basic v-neck top down raglan with a 1×1 ribbed button band.
Vintage buttons.
The texture pattern is based off the andalusian stitch pattern, and plain stst sleeves.
Love the softness of the yarn, love the color of the yarn, dislike the inherent pilling of it.
(Though I may have picked up some more at the wonderful KnitWit shop in Portland)

All said and done? a favorite.

the school year quilt

16 June 2014 § 2 Comments

school year quilt | respiteschool year quilt | respiteschool year quilt | respite school year quilt | respite

It’s been a long while
since I said hello here,
almost a whole school year in fact.

When the boys went off to school in September,
a project was needed to keep my mind off the silence in the house.
Cutting squares of fabrics in my stash,
using up the bits of leftover fabric from earlier projects,
from clothes the boys and I wore,
finding fabrics of my grandmother’s -
remnants of her house dresses and quilts -
using only what I had on hand.
Hand quilting each of the 238 squares
in a circular frame that held a baby quilt thirty years ago .
Each stitch reminding me of the threads that bind
the past and present together,
infusing this quilt with a  love that we’ll remember
every time it is pulled onto our laps.


25 October 2013 Comments Off

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our days are filled with
small nothings that
actually make the best sort of life.



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